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  What kind of things will you shoot for me?    Pretty much anything as long as it is legal in the UK, we can find a model willing do it for you and you agree the cost.

  How long before my video is ready?    It may take us three or four weeks to shoot and edit your video. It depends how popular your chosen model is and how "out there" you idea is.

  How long will my video be?    Typically 20 minutes but it really depends on the script you send us. You are in charge of the content.

  Will my video really be unique and exclusive?    Yes. The video we shoot will be for you and only you. We won't use it on our website or share it on any Tube sites.

  How much will my video cost?    The cost depends on your script and how much the model or models want to charge and any other location costs there may be. We'll quote you the actual cost once we have seen your script.

  What if the model turns down my idea?    We ask for a 50% deposit when you order. If the model isn't willing or able to perform your script we'll issue a full refund immediately.

  How do I pay?    Payment is only accepted by credit card using our secure payment processor Payza.com.

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Sophia Delane

Sophia is one of our most popular and therefore most photographed models. We took advantage of some beautiful sunny weather and a stunning location to shoot some fabulous pictures of her in the Kent countryside. We'll be shooting with Sophia again soon.


This was first our shoot with Maria who, as well as being a stunning model, is also a very talented dancer. After the shoot she gave us a demonstration of her amazing dancing skills. We sneaked a few pictures which we may feature in the weeks to come.